Organizational Development Programs

Developing specialized skills sets within an organization is mandatory today. To help bolster, we provide special modules of targeted training developed by well known trainers and researchers from the USA, Canada, England, France, Germany, India and a few more.

Many of these modules are bespoke and can be customized to the organization, its needs, its challenges drawing examples from similar challenges in other or same industry/ies globally. The modules can be crafted with evaluations or quizzes to evaluate an employee’s learning which can later be recorded by the HR for appraisals.

Business Management Skills & Development

  • Leadership and people management
  • Marketing and sales management
  • Getting the best out of others
  • Corporate valuation
  • Business architect program
  • Research, Innovation & Product development
  • Disruptive challenges and emerging technologies
  • Smart Nation: Challenges and Opportunities
  • How Excellent Leaders Lead

Personality Skills & Development

  • Eat that Frog
  • Taking Charge of Your Life
  • Master Skill of Success
  • Time Management to Succeed
  • Personal Strategic Planning
  • Decision Making Techniques
  • Seven Steps to Goal Attainment
  • Keys to Peak Performance
  • Balancing Your Life

Capability Development Programs

Essentials of a good education can be achieved through books, classroom teaching and practices. However, nothing relates to first hand experience in the global education environment that “Singapore Educational Ecosystems” offering at present.

Our programmes vary depending on your needs and expectations. We have designed programmes varying from a time span of three days up to three weeks. All programmes integrate the maximum learning experiences and exploration possibilities.

We have designed a suitable and holistic programme that includes:

  • Social visits and networking sessions
  • Inspirational talks by institutional and industry leaders and professionals
  • Cross cultural appreciation and learning
  • Customized trainings / seminars / workshops etc
  • Company and institutional visits

In Singapore, you will have a chance to be plugged into  an  education   system   that   promotes   excellence in a progressive and cosmopolitan community.

ACE International is offering consulting service arrangements for overseas communities or groups to engage capability development opportunities in Singapore through

i) Global Immersion Program

ii) Cross culture learning

iii) Company or Industrial or Institutional visits

iv) On Job Training (Manufacturing, Service, Management, F & B, Travels, Healthcare, Fintech, Research & Teaching etc.)

v) Internship project works