The Members


Dr B Ramanathan – Founder and Managing Director

– Business Management, Higher Education, Research & Development, Applied Learning Programs (STEM Education), Professional and Capability Development Programs

Dr C J Thenmozhiyal – Chief Scientific Officer – Science and Technology Knowledge Transfer, Drug Discovery and Development, Content development and Trainings

Mr R Nagarajan – Professional Consultant – Data Analytics and New Generation Technologies

Mr Terrence Wang – Business Consultant, Funding support

Ms Joycelyn Lee – Business Consultant and Trade Matching

Mr Vincent Koh – Project Management and Manpower Resources

Mr Affendi – Professional Consultant and Safety Auditor – Workplace Safety and Health / Occupational Hygiene

Mr Prasad – Professional Trainer – Professional and Technical Skills Training – Fire Safety Management, Company Emergency Response Team, Rescue Operation

Mr Krishnan – Secretary – Accounting and Auditing

Advisory Board Members

Mr Reimond Quek – Director, M Power Training Pte Ltd, Singapore

Mr Arun Sharma – Director, EDGEWISE Training, Singapore

Dr Chinnu Palanivelu – CEO and Partner, Stamford Assurance PAC, Singapore

Mr Chidam – Director, Advanced Certification (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Singapore

Mr Rajmohan – Managing Director, Ensure Safety Pte Ltd, Singapore

Mr Mani – VVCARES  IT Consultant Singapore – IT supports and Services, Outsourcing supports (