Are you looking for webinar conference/workshop/training opportunities? We can support you!

We are now looking for joint venturing partners to host together online webinar conference session for the groups or communities on any suitable topic or area of interest.
As per your institutional / company / association norms you can propose the remuneration packages. Due to lockdown situation we don’t want to demand much as a noble concern but the same time need to honour the speakers for engaging the session!
We can conduct this session as per the choice of duration like 1 hour / 2 hours / 3 hours / 4 hours manner on any suitable schedule date and time.
Topics of the session (Choose any one or combined):
1) Lockdown learnings to perform well and explore better
2) Covid-19: Global Challenges and Opportunities
3) Covid-19: Resilience and recovery strategies
4) Covid-19: Empowerment to excel from the time of transition
5) Covid-19 impacts on business ecosystems
6) Covid-19 boosted new generation technology sources and resources
7) Focus on beyond Covid-19 situations and circumstances
8) Covid-19: Health, Wellness and Well-Being Strategies
Please let me know your concern to discuss about it further.
Thanks and regards
Dr. B. Ramanathan
Founder and Managing Director
ACE International Pte Ltd

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